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Eddie’s Story

“St Stephens is a great community. There’s no cliques- you don’t get that here. It’s one whole community that goes out of the comfort zone to help others. It breaks down a lot of barriers. Its such a community because of the love that’s around in this place.”

Karen’s Story

“I feel a lot closer to God recently since coming here. Sometimes I’ve got a few things going on outside and its nice to be able to come here and relax. When you hear the sermons you feel they’re talking to you and it’s about you. It’s a very friendly atmosphere. People talk to you …

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Ruth’s Story

“When I sing, I forget my troubles and it helps me get closer to God because I feel I have that connection there with Him. I don’t sing that well but I enjoy doing it. That’s what I like about here. If it was a church where everyone was singing beautifully I probably wouldn’t do …

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Rajesh’s Story

“I was in a difficult place. People here just kind of listened, rather than trying to tell me what I should or shouldn’t be doing. I think maybe because everybody here’s been on their own journey that hasn’t been straightforward they can empathise. It felt safe. I had a relationship with God – it was …

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