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Community Listening into Community Action

As we transition from one challenging season into another, I am acutely aware of the many demands placed upon each of us and those of the community.   A growing number of conversations have been focussed around local and financial concerns.  I’m sure many will share my concerns for the poorest and marginalised within the community and the impact of another challenging season will have and is already having. 

As you all well know, the Three Together – St. Stephen’s Church, Wimpole Road Methodist Church and St. Margaret’s Church, are three churches that focus lots of energy towards community.  This focus fits in well with a current project I’m working on “Community listening.”  However, this project aims to go further than just listening, it will hopefully be the platform that delivers solutions to local concerns, developing positive change to the community.  However, I do need a little help! 

If you are reading this then the thought of helping hasn’t terrified you.  Great!  All I’m asking for at this stage, is for you to complete a very short questionnaire.  The answers to this questionnaire will dictate the greatest local needs and highlight the pressures people are experiencing.  Once the data has been collected and analysed the top concern(s) will be the focus of action to deliver solution(s) and positive change.

The first stage is to fill out the short questionnaire, the link is below or there are paper copies in the church.  Please complete the questionnaire as soon as possible.  Paper copies should be return to the church office.  If you have any questions, please do catch me for a chat or email me on or call me on 01206 515533.   

Click here to access the Online Questionnaire or on the link below:

I will write again in future newsletters with the results of the questionnaire and to update you with progress being made.  Thank you in advance for you help.

In Christ,

Revd. Dan

St. Stephen’s Church