Notice of Annual Parochial Church Meeting & Annual Report

Please click here to see notices of this meeting scheduled for 25 October 2020 after morning worship or you can join via Zoom (please see below).

This will also include the election of Churchwardens, click here for details.

To view copy of the Annual Report please click here.

Year end 31 December 2019 accounts can be viewed here; Income & Expenditure and Balance Sheet.

To join the APCM you can either stay on at the end of our Sunday service or if you are unable to attend in person you will be able to join with us via Zoom (either through a video link or on the telephone).  Full details of how to join are set out below and you will be able to join via Zoom from 10:45.

To join on Zoom via video link:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 861 5631 8976

To Join via your telephone:

Dial in in your phone:
0203 051 2874, 0203 481 5237, 0203 481 5240, Meeting ID: 861 5631 8976

You will be asked for a participant code, don’t’ worry that you haven’t got one as you will be told to simply press #

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